Last update: 13th November 2023

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The web3 page builder is one of the major components of the vision behind It enables users to easily create a page for their project (whether it’s a token, an NFT, or both).

On this page, projects can add a ton of utilities and benefits for their holders: (mint, staking, DAO, web3-based Discord, treasury management, membership space, KPIs, Chart…)

All this without ever having to code.

Web3 Page Builder (V2)

Preview of the Custom Interface


👉 On the left side of the screen, blocks can be created, edited, moved.

👉 On the right side, blocks are added in real time to the page preview.

Note that every page created with the Page Builder will have a classical white mode with black buttons.

V1 was purely reserved for the onboarding of Web3 projects. To generate a page, it was mandatory to insert an ETH smart contract. But the V2 is here, offering infinitely more possibilities.

Moonbirds demo 2.mp4

Introducing the two new modes of the Page Builder: