Publication date: 3rd March February 2023

$SIDE Value: $0.001340

NFT Cards Floor: 0.01 ETH

The 10 major elements we worked on in February:

1) Launch of the Token Generator dApp V2.

2) Listing of $SIDE on Coinmarketcap, Mobula and Coinsniper.

3) Launch of our SEO blog ( and the publication of 4 articles per week.

4) First AMA on Twitter space with the four partners (replay available here).

5) Creation of Side’s Logbook on Notion, with all the information concerning the project.

6) Major advances on the V1 of the Web3 Page builder, launch planned for this month.

7) Introduction of Side's Weekly Contests on Twitter.

8) Recruitment of a new collab manager in the team.

9) Creation of a Twitter list “The Side Family 🧱” which groups the most active members of our community.

10) Progression on the implementation of Polygon chain and ERC-20 tokens on Side’s community platform.